The ideal breakfast

Most expert in nutrition and pediatrics reached the conclusion that the ideal breakfast exists and it should be composed of three groups of foods. The first is dairy, and must be complemented with fruits or juice, preferably fresh, and also cereals. Dr. Pich explained that milk is an important element in a child’s growth, but not essential. “There are other dairy derived products, for instance a perfect alternative is yoghurt. Therefore, milk isn’t the only drink, any other dairy product may supply the same amount of vitamins, calcium, nutrient, etc…”

“Breakfast must include dairy, cereal, toasts with butter or jam. If a child wants to eat pastry, he may eat a croissant or cupcake, but preferably made at home”, added Carlos Marina.

Both experts reject the idea of giving children industrial made pastries for breakfast. Pich continued by saying that pastry made at home is a far better option to give the child, especially if it is made with organic products. “These are great along with a glass of milk; these are very nutritious, as opposed to the ones sold at supermarkets, which are filled with fats and unhealthy additives. It could easily cause dependency. Most products are made with fat derived from pigs or other animals, which in turn could lead to obesity; these products do not provide fibers or any nutritional elements”.


In short, if you follow these suggestions, the child will receive a balanced meal thanks to:


-Milk and other dairy derived products, providing calcium.


-Fruits and fresh juices, great source of fibers and vitamins.


-Cereals, providing carbohydrates and proteins.


“The ideal breakfast must include a drink, to satisfy the need for fluids in the body, cereals to cover the high energy demand, and milk or dairy product in order to supplement the body with sufficient calcium. You may also add fruits, a wonderful source of vitamins, along with foods rich in protein for growth and repair of tissues”, concluded both experts.


In regards to this, The Spanish Agency for Food Safety (AESA) recommends children to drink at least half a liter of milk per day, unless otherwise stated by their family doctor or pediatrician. However, there is a multitude of dairy products that can be consumed instead of milk, such as: yoghurt, cheese, cream, and desserts… They also suggest children to eat plenty of fruits and drink fresh juices; they must avoid processed and junk foods and drinks. Lastly, sugar derived products must be consumed ”in moderation”, as the current consumption of sugars is reaching excessive levels and causing health concerns

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