The purpose of this game is to find a new title for the story.


It usually works well with children from eleven years old. It is best when the group is not larger that 15 participants.


  • To understand a story in depth.
  • To communicate and defend an own idea.
  • To think about what was read or heard.
  • To participate by voting.


The participants can know or not the true title of the story. If they know it, it will be discuss whether the title is appropriate or not, and why. Other options will be considered.

The children will be given paper to write down a new title, once they have read or heard the story. As they give new possible titles, they will be written on the board. Finally children will vote for the two or three favorite ones, also based on the reasons they have presented.


The session can be extended indefinitely at the moment of voting. The interventions can be controlled so everyone can be heard.

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