The purpose of this strategy is to find the main and secondary characters of the story.


Children from 8 to 10 years. Twenty to twenty five participants as the limit.


  • To understand a story that was read or told.
  • To encourage the selective selection of information within a story.
  • To exercise the memory.


There can be two ways of carrying out the activity:

1st. Giving every child a list with the name of the characters he needs to find.

2nd. Writing the list of characters in the board or in a flip chart.

The game is about introducing the children to a list of characters that are in the story and others that are created just to distract them. Children should be given some time to read the list of characters. The story is read. After reading it, one asks them which characters from their list are in the story and which are not. One can also asks them to describe the passage or moment in which the character appears on the story.

The only condition for the activity is to choose a story with a minimum of 6 to 8 characters.


It is possible that the activity last about 50 minutes; this will depend on the number of interventions by the children and the amount of characters of the story.

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