Study time must be organized, and rules have to be established, but this time must be flexible. It doesn’t have to be left to improvisation, children have to study without interruptions, and they must rest every hour at most. As a reference, you could use the rule that, as a minimum, the child must study 10 minutes a day per grade and day. So, children in the first grade should study 10 minutes, and children in the fourth grade should study for 40 minutes. If they’re in the eighth grade, they study for 80 minutes, if they are in the ninth grade, they study for 90 minutes, and if they’re in the tenth grade, they study for 100 minutes. This is more of a guide of minimum time, and it shouldn’t be used as a rule. The idea is for it to guide you. Of course, this time is not enough if children are failing their classes or if they have a hard time studying or focusing. We also can’t expect our child to start studying for 100 minutes a day if he or she is only studying for 30 minutes a day now. We could set the 100 minutes as a goal to be accomplished throughout the school year.

Once again, the important thing is for our child to see we care about him and his studies, that we keep an eye on their improvement and that we think it’s important.

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