Family must control the learning process. If there’s no monitoring and no studying guidelines for children, then there’s chaos. Supervision during studying doesn’t mean that the parents have to solve every single doubt the children have; we shouldn’t do our children’s job, but rather ask them how they think a problem can be solved. We must guide them, help them find out what’s causing difficulties, and then have them give a positive comment so they can see they’re capable of doing it and they get motivated. In other words, we must help them think.

How to motivate our child? The first thing to do is to help the child feel that there’s a meaning to what he’s doing. If he doesn’t believe it, when something is not coming out right, he’ll leave it for another day. This is why supervision is necessary. We need to ask him questions, see if he summarized the job, if he’s properly following procedures, and we must correct his spelling mistakes, dedicate time to him, and overall, just be interested in it.

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